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Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky
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Stefan Smolnik

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Tuesday 9:30am - 11:30am

+49--170--34 64 623
Research Area
1997 - 2001Project cooperation "Groupware Comptence Center Bank" with Deutsche Bank AG, Eschborn
2001 -Project cooperation "Groupware Competence Center - Professional Service" with IBM Software Services for Lotus, Ismaning
April 2000 - Management and coordination of Student Assistants (SHK)
October 2000 - November 2002Representative of the Research Assistants and Assistant Professors of the Faculty of Business Administration, Business Computing & Economics at the University of Paderborn (together with Ellen Römer)
August 2001 -
October 2001 -
November 2001 - December 2001

August 2002 -
January 2003 -
Speaker at Management Circle
Editorial team member of the GCC Website
Member of the Search Committee ‘Business Computing' (Graduate School, C2)
Member of the Search Committee ‘Media Economics’ (C4)
Management and coordination of the DNUG Arbeitskreis Knowledge Management
April 2003

January 2004
Reviewer for the 7th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV03)
Chair of the HICSS-37 Minitrack "KM/OM/OL Foundations - KM/OM Discovery to Representation" (within the KM/OM/OL Cluster)
1999Support for the lecture 'Internationales Management: Computer-based Information Management: Current Topics' (Graduate Course, MBA-level)
1999 - Support for the lecture 'Introduction into Business Computing B' (Undergraduate Course)
1999 - Support for the lecture 'Business Computing 2' (Undergraduate Course)
2000 - Support for the lab workshop 'Workgroup Computing 1: Grundpraktikum' (Undergraduate Course)
May & July 2000,
May 2003
Management and coordination of Research Colloquia on Ph.D. Projects of the Department Business Computing 2
2002 - Support for the lab workshop 'Workgroup Computing 2: Aufbaupraktikum' (Undergraduate Course)