Birds of a Feather Track Overview

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YEAR: 2008
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2008

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Birds of a Feather

BOF101 IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 Client Roaming

BOF102 IBM Lotus Notes And IBM Lotus Domino Application Development -- Meet The Developers

BOF103 Designers Unite: Developing A Dynamic User Experience in IBM Lotus Notes

BOF104 Integrating Open Source AJAX/Javascript Frameworks with IBM Lotus Domino

BOF105 Meet The IBM Lotus Domino Designer Developers

BOF106 SPONSOR: Simulating Aspects of IBM Lotus Notes 8 Functionality in Pre-Lotus Notes 8 Environment

BOF107 Composite Applications in the Real World

BOF108 Composite Applications on the Rich Client

BOF109 Object-Orientated Programming (OOP) and Frameworks in IBM LotusScript

BOF110 IBM Web Content Management UI Tips & Tricks

BOF111 SPONSOR: Afraid "E" in Email Stands for Evidence?

BOF112 Mashup Web 2.0 with IBM Web Content Management

BOF113 SPONSOR Take It On the Road! Everything You Need to Know To About Mobilizing IBM Lotus Domino Applications

BOF201 Adding “Lotus Evangelist” To Your Job Title (Without Updating Your Business Card)

BOF202 "Domino-o-pedia": Creating a Community for Sharing IBM Lotus Domino Administrative Best Practices

BOF203 Admin Process -- What's New, What's Coming and Best Practices

BOF204 Performance of IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Lotus Sametime

BOF205 Routers and Proxies and Firewalls, Oh My! An Open Discussion of Networking

BOF206 IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway: Best Practices

BOF207 Managing Your IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Environment

BOF209 Group Policies and Best Practices for Policy Based Management

BOF210 Meet the IBM Lotus Domino Admin Developers

BOF211 Real World Deployment of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8

BOF212 SPONSOR: Best Practices for Mobilizing IBM Lotus Domino

BOF213 SPONSOR: Evolve Your Lotus Software Applications into a Seamless Communications Experience

BOF214 IBM Lotus Sametime Architecture and Deployment

BOF215 SPONSOR: Blogs and Wikis and iPhones, Oh My!

BOF216 SPONSOR: Beyond Mobile Email: Collaboration Through Unified Mobile Communications

BOF217 IBM Lotus Domino Performance - Thinking Outside of the Box

BOF218 IBM Lotus Quickr

BOF221 Problems and Solutions to Managing Large Databases

BOF222 SPONSOR: Cisco Unified Communications Integration with Lotus for Collaboration

BOF223 Implementing Archiving Policies - Best Practices and Procedures

BOF224 I Never Delete Any of My E-mail!

BOF225 Directory Independence

BOF226 Virtualization of IBM Lotus Products on VMware ESX / VMware Virtual Infrastructure

BOF227 Upgrading to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8

BOF228 IBM Lotus Domino and Blackberry Enterprise Server Best Practices

BOF229 Life with IBM Lotus Sametime: Daily Administration and Monitoring

BOF301 The Lotus Blogging Community

BOF302 Blogging Best Practices

BOF303 Meet the Lotus Education Team - Leveraging Knowledge Through IBM

BOF304 OpenNTF - An Open Source Community

BOF306 SPONSOR: Trends in Mobilizing IBM Lotus Domino