Rode, Burkhard; GCC Teaching: A Product Management Concept for an IT Solution Provider in Financial Services, Masters Thesis, University of Paderborn, Department of Business Computing 2 2001, pp. 123.

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YEAR: 2001

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Summary (english):

This diploma thesis, based on an on-site case investigation made for Deutsche Bank's Global Technology Services Center of Competence in Barcelona (Spain), examines the role of software product management and its implementation to the requirements of a meanwhile independent IT subsidiary (DB Servicios de Consultoría e Informática S.A. - "dbsci"), which faces a new challenge by offering their financial IT solutions and products to external clients. The partner in this study is experiencing substantial growth in a highly competitive and complex business-to-business (B2B) environment, and has to cope with significant organizational transpositions.
The study deals with this challenges by presenting a software product management concept to "dbsci" (already done in july in Barcelona), describing different key processes for software product management, and finally giving recommendations which alternative could match the needs best. A special emphasis lies in the development of new products and their commercialization which includes the business aspects like the managing of the marketing mix, the software product life cycle, or the often underestimated branding issues in the high-technology environment.
Characteristics of software producing companies include technology and market uncertainty, greater product and process sophistication, increased research and development intensity, and a large proportion of technical employees. With rapidly evolving technology, shrinking cycle times, 'time-to-market' pressures, and a shortage of software professionals, effective product management is one of today's greatest challenges in the high-technology industry. Developing a software product that customers do not want to buy is a recipe for disaster.
Implementing software product management is supposed to help "dbsci" to achieve the set business goals. Product managment helps to establish a customer orientation throughout the company, and has to manage interfaces both internal and external. It is in the nature of product management that it comprises a large variety of taks and permutations and that there is no common knowldege or perception what are the best practices for software product management. Therefore this thesis has to focus only on some good practices to give a general overview of product management "philosophy", but "dbsci" the most effective and efficient approach to work with this concept.