Application Development Track Overview

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YEAR: 2008
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2008

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Application Development

AD101 Building Social Software Solutions for Your Applications

AD102 Expand and Extend Your Investments with IBM Social Software and Web 2.0

AD103 Creating Eclipse-based Components for Composite Applications

AD104 Developing Composite Applications to Solve Real-World Challenges

AD105 Leveraging Third Party and Legacy Components in IBM Lotus Notes Composite Applications

AD106 Building Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes 8, IBM WebSphere Portal and Mobile Audiences

AD107 Designing Great User Interfaces for Composite Applications

AD108 Got Web 2.0? Delivering Rich Internet Applications with IBM Lotus Forms, IBM Lotus Expeditor and IBM WebSphere Portal

AD109 Data and Document Mashups with IBM Lotus Forms

AD110 Creating Mashups - An Overview

AD111 IBM Lotus Notes Widgets and Live Text: Linking Your Data to the World!

AD112 Developing Plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect: Overview

AD113 Developing Plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect: Deep Dive

AD114 Bring it in! Bridging Customer Data into IBM Lotus Notes 8 with IBM Lotus Symphony

AD201 The Amazing IBM Lotus Notes 8: Extendable with Plugins (Repeats)

AD202 IBM Lotus Notes Views Extensibility: Different Programming Models to Extend Lotus Notes Views and PIM

AD203 Developing Secure Java Applications in IBM Lotus Notes 8

AD204 Customizing the Look of IBM Lotus Notes 8: Coding Tips and UI Guidelines

AD205 I'm an IBM Lotus Notes Developer, Why Do I Care About IBM Lotus Expeditor? (Repeats)

AD206 Bringing All of Your Application Environments Together through Web Services and IBM Lotus Expeditor

AD207 Mobile Grows Up: IBM Lotus Expeditor - Extensible Rich Client on Mobile Phones

AD301 IBM Lotus Domino Designer (Repeats)

AD302 IBM Lotus Domino Web Server Application Development Directions

AD303 Transforming IBM Lotus Domino Web Apps with IBM Lotus Domino Designer

AD304 Formula Follies and LotusScript Lunacy: Coding Feats that Will Amaze!! (Repeats)

AD305 IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Customization

AD306 Extending IBM Lotus Domino Applications to Mobile Devices

AD307 Advanced LotusScript: Design Programming using XML and DXL (Repeats)

AD308 Java 5.0 for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

AD309 IBM Lotus Notes and Domino C-API

AD310 What's New With the IBM Lotus Domino Objects

AD311 Object Oriented Programming with LotusScript – Take It To the Next Level

AD312 Using Eclipse To Develop, Debug and Test Java Agents

AD313 Using Web Services Features in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8

AD314 Accessing External Database Systems from IBM Lotus Domino Applications

AD315 What's New in IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator 8

AD316 Leverage SAP Apps in Your Collaborative Environments (Repeats)

AD317 NSFDB2 Design and Implementation Considerations

AD318 The IBM Lotus Workflow Session

AD401 What's New in IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.0.1 and the 6.1 Beta Programming Model

AD402 Developing AJAX-enabled Portlets in IBM WebSphere Version Portal 6.1: Concepts, Patterns and Best Practices

AD403 Staying on Top of Your Business Tasks and Processes with IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Lotus Forms

AD404 Web 2.0, AJAX and REST for IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.0

AD405 Taking Personalization in IBM WebSphere Portal to the Next Level

AD406 Best Practices for Creating Applications with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory

AD407 Creating Rich Internet (AJAX) Applications with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory

AD408 Best Practices for IBM WebSphere Portal Application Development in IBM Rational Application Developer

AD409 Extending IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory with Custom Builders

AD501 Developing Templates for IBM Lotus Quickr

AD502 Customizing IBM Lotus Quickr Themes and Skins

AD503 Extending IBM Lotus Quickr Using APIs and Services

AD504 Become an IBM Workplace Web Content Management Developer in 60 minutes or Less!

AD505 Making the IBM Workplace Web Content Management System "Play Nicely" with IBM WebSphere Portal

AD506 "Theme Me Up" Scotty!

AD507 Build Once, Deploy Anywhere: Integrating the IBM Dashboard Accelerator with an SOA-Based Environment