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YEAR: 2008
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2008

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Hands-on Sessions
    HND101 Building Composite Application for IBM Lotus Notes 8 (Repeats)

    HND102 IBM Lotus Domino Designer in Eclipse (Repeats)

    HND103 Developing Eclipse Plug-ins to Extend IBM Lotus Notes 8

    HND104 Implementing AJAX and JSON in IBM Lotus Domino Applications (Repeats)

    HND105 Measure Twice, Cut Once: Low Fidelity Prototyping Hands-On (Repeats)

    HND106 IBM Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring in the Real World (Repeats)

    HND107 Using IBM Lotus Domino Notes System Diagnostic (NSD) - A Practical Guide (Repeats)

    HND108 IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Sametime and IBM Lotus Quickr - Pulling It All Together as a Lotus Domino Admin (Repeats)

    HND201 A Technical Deep Dive into configuring IBM WebSphere Portal with IBM Lotus Domino and Extended Products (Repeats)

    HND202 Building Virtual Portals with IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.x (Repeats)

    HND203 IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Version 6.02 Not Just for Portlets Anymore!

    HND204 Dashboards Everywhere: So Easy a Caveman Can Build It (Repeats)

    HND301 Deploying & Managing the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect Client (Repeats)

    HND302 IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway - Setup and Administration (Repeats)

    HND303 Build IBM Lotus Connections Mashup Applications (Repeats)

    HND304 Using IBM Lotus Quickr (Repeats)

    HND305 Building Custom Themes for IBM Lotus Quickr (Repeats)