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YEAR: 2008
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HIDEWHEN: GCC-MediumAccess
LABEL: Lotusphere
PLACES: Orlando
TIME: 2008

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Track Four: Best Practices

BP101 AdminBlast... Over 60 Tips in 60 Minutes! (Repeats)

BP102 Best Practices for Creating a Secure IBM Lotus Domino Infrastructure

BP103 Building Composite Applications in IBM Lotus Notes

BP104 Die Hard - Deciphering an IBM Lotus Domino Server Crash

BP105 Installing and Administrating the IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway

BP106 NSFDB2: Converting an IBM Lotus Domino NSF to IBM DB2 back-end - How, What and Why?

BP107 The Low-Down on LDAP

BP108 The Minimalist IBM Lotus Domino Administrator

BP109 The Security Nip/Tuck - Tightening Up Your Environment with IBM Lotus Domino 8.x

BP110 The Tools Every IBM Lotus Domino Administrator Should Know - and How to Configure Them

BP111 Tips, Tricks and Traps for Deploying IBM Lotus Connections - Best Practices in a Real-World Implementation

BP112 In the Land of the Blind, Logs Make You King

BP113 Linux for the IBM Lotus Domino Administrator

BP114 Beyond the Tuning Guide: Tips for Maximizing Performance of IBM WebSphere Portal Server

BP201 A Jug of Wine, a Spreadsheet and Thee

BP202 Best Practices when Developing with IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory

BP203 A Look Under the Hood at a World-Class IBM Lotus Domino Web Application

BP204 Develop Virtually with VMWare

BP205 Extending and Customizing Templates for IBM Lotus Quickr: Straight from the Developers

BP206 Features Every IBM Lotus Notes Application Should Have!

BP207 From IBM Lotus Notes Client Application to AJAX-Powered Rich Internet Application in Less than 10 Lines of Code!

BP208 Go Domino Go! Application Performance Engineering for IBM Lotus Domino Developers

BP209 Moving IBM Lotus Notes Applications to the Web

BP210 Reports, Charts and Graphs in IBM Lotus Notes

BP211 The Return of Delivering IBM Lotus Domino Applications to Mobile Devices

BP212 The Great Code Giveaway: "Beyond Cool" (Repeats)

BP213 Worst Practices - the Best of the Worst (Repeats)

BP214 Yikes...It Looks Like That?! UI Worst Practices (Repeats)

BP215 Integration of IBM Lotus Notes 8 with IBM Lotus Symphony and

BP216 Interface Matters - Basics of UI Design

BP217 Interface Matters - Advanced UI Design Concepts

BP218 IBM Lotus Notes 8 and IBM Lotus Expeditor Customization for LotusScript Developers

BP301 A Hero Behind Every Tree: The Top 10 Ways to Guarantee Project Failure

BP302 Admins are from Mars, Developers are from Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving Communication in Your (Working) Relationships

BP303 Measure Twice, Cut Once: Low Fidelity Tools for Real-World Projects

BP304 Templates, Templates, Everywhere – If You Know Where to Look!