Management Summary (english):

Limited time, fast movement and constant change determine the business world of the 21st century. The increasing number of companies entering the saturated markets causes a high level of competition. To gain and retain competitive advantages, companies constantly adjust their business processes striving for efficiency and proximity to customers. Thus, it is appropriate to apply Business Process Management-systems (BPM-systems). A BPM-system allows the design, deployment, execution, management, monitoring, control and analysis of business processes. For the execution of processes, employees perform and complete tasks using a PC-based user interface (UI). However, the provision of one single UI limits the applicability of BPM-systems to certain business processes. In particular, the mobile business that takes places outside the typical office environment is difficult to manage.
Within the scope of this master thesis the described problem is approached for the specific BPM-system TRAXION provided by CommerceQuest, Inc. An additional mobile UI that aims at a wider range of managable business processes had to complement the existing UI. For this, the concept of a mobile UI is created following common Human-Computer Interaction design methods and principles with strong focus on Usability. Due to the changed and complicated conditions associated with the mobile UI, the concept deals with a concrete examination of needs and requirements, the selection of a mobile device, as well as the application solution. Furthermore, the user interface is designed in more detail. The functionality and the data that is provided to the user, as well as screens and screen navigation are defined. Finally, the implemented prototype is described with regard to platform considerations and the mobile UI's core implementation.

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