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Communication Trends and the On-Demand Organization - A Lotus Workplace White Paper

THEMES: Greif, Irene | Millen, David R. | IBM\Research | Lotus\Workplace
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung | IE\...\Material
2003KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Media Object\PDF/PPT etc.\e.g. misc. media files, databases, PDF, images, video, sound\PDF/PPT etc. file(s)
LABEL: Communication | Lotus Workplace | On-Demand Computing | Workplace
PLACES: Cambridge, MA USA | Massachussetts
TIME: 2003
How much information 2003?

THEMES: Lyman, Peter | Varian, Hal R. | Swearingen, Kirsten | Charles, Peter | Good, Nathan | Jordan, Laheem Lamar | Pal, Joyojeet
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung
2003LABEL: Wirtschaftsinformatik - Business Computing
TIME: 2000
Spektrum und Stellenwert des Change Management - Die Rolle externer Berater im Change Management

THEMES: Jarmai, Heinz
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung
How much information?

THEMES: Lyman, Peter | Varian, Hal R. | Dunn, James | Strygin, Aleksey | Swearingen, Kirsten
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Architekturkon... | CH\...\Einleitung
2000LABEL: Wirtschaftsinformatik - Business Computing
TIME: 2000
Von der lernenden Organisation über Netzwerke zur "Corporate Community"

THEMES: Grässle, Anton A.
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung | CH\...\lernende Organ...
A Taxonomy of Adaptive Workflow Management

THEMES: Han, Yanbo | Sheth, Amit | Bussler, Christoph
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung | CH\...\adaptive WFM
1998LABEL: Taxonomy
Next Big Thing

THEMES: Hammer, Michael
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung
An Overview of Workflow Management - From Process Modeling to Workflow Automation Infrastructure

THEMES: Georgakopoulos, Diimitrios | Hornick, Mark | Sheth, Amit
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung | CH\...\Workflow Manag...
1995LABEL: WAGS | Workflow | Workflow Classification | Workflow products
PLACES: Boston
THINGS: Diplom DD | Dissertation GR
TIME: 1995
Geschäftsprozeßorganisation - Vorgehensweise und unterstützende Tools

THEMES: Chrobok, Reiner | Tiemeyer, Ernst
META STRUCTURES: CH\...\Einleitung | CH\...\Workflow Manag...
TIME: 1996