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Dynamische, interaktive und sensitive Karten basierend auf HTML - Konzepte zur Implementierung eines Web-Mapping-Clients

THEMES: Woltering, Jan
2005KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Paper\Seminar Work\e.g. articles, working papers student papers, flyers, reports, statutes\seminar thesis created at the University of Paderborn
LABEL: GIS - Geographic Information System
ORGANIZATIONS: Groupware Competence Center
PEOPLE: Woltering, Jan
PLACES: Paderborn
THINGS: Geographische Informationsysteme | Informationsvisualisierung | Interaktive Karten | OpenGIS Consortium | Visuelle Datenexploration | Web Map Service
Interaktive Karten auf Basis Geographischer Informationssysteme - Konzeption und Implementierung eines Web Map Services auf Basis von Open-Source-Komponenten und SVG

THEMES: Woltering, Jan | GCC Teaching\...\3 Completed
META STRUCTURES: GCC Activities\...\Projects | GCC Teaching\...\All | GCC Teaching\...\K-Discovery | GCC Teaching\...\Visualisierung | Projects\...\Student Projec... | Projects\...\Student Projec... | SS\...\Master Thesis
2004KNOWLEDGE OBJECT TYPES: Book\Master Thesis\e.g. published book, lecture notes, Master thesis, PhD thesis, report, manual\master thesis published at the University of Paderborn
LABEL: GIS - Geographic Information System | GUS | Java | Master Thesis | Redevelopment | Sanierung | SVG | Visualization | Visualization Processes | Web Map Services | Wirtschaftsinformatik - Business Computing
ORGANIZATIONS: GCC - Groupware Competence Center | Nino GmbH
PEOPLE: Nastansky, Ludwig | Smolnik, Stefan | Woltering, Jan
PLACES: Nordhorn | Paderborn
TIME: 2004